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Any more stories out there like the left/right game? "An Instagrammer Shared Her "Rules of the Road" Story With Me. It’s a simple … Forget tonight — you'll never sleep again. Post date: 5 November 2017; Submission by: Anonymous; Length: Short; This is a game where the participants get the chance to meet the twin they’ve never known in life. Help us out by reviewing new submissions. Review Pasta. 8.4.2018 2:20 AM. Log in sign up. Any more stories out there like the left/right game? Posted by 1 day ago. News & Updates; 14/Apr Regarding Pending Submissions 28/Oct New Website! Kat Tenbarge. The Left/Right Game [DRAFT 1] 08/02/2017. 44,601 views.

Lost Twin – The Game. Submit your own or an existing creepypasta. When we descended into the underpass we were just nearing the outskirts of Phoenix. Repeat the process ad infinitum, until you wind up somewhere... new. The rules are easy to understand, but Rob says their not so easy to follow. Press J to jump to the feed. The rules of the Left/Right game are simple. It Still Haunts Me." Discussion. Take a left, then the next possible road on the right, then the next possible left. Get in your car and take a drive. The 40 Most Terrifying Creepypasta and NoSleep Stories on the Internet. We’d been in the dimly lit passage for almost two minutes, but at the pace Rob likes to travel it’s hard to figure out how far we’ve actually gone. Discussion. The next turn comes immediately after the tunnel.

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