It was rebuilt by Henry IV, following his reconciliation with the Pope in 1077, as the first and largest consistently vaulted church building in Europe. Speyer Cathedral. The history of Speyer begins with the establishment of a Roman camp in 10 BCE, making it one of Germany's oldest cities. From Art History 101, Speyer, Germany, Speyer Cathedral (ca. Speyer Cathedral was founded by Konrad II in 1030, probably soon after his imperial coronation. It ranks … But the Speyer Cathedral, built from 1025 to 1106, will have you grabbing your camera as a fresh wave of excitement washes over your jaded spirits. Speyer Cathedral - Data, Photos & Plans - WikiArquitectura Introduction Andalusia Conrado II ascend to the throne in the year 1024 began construction of the cathedral as the imperial church. Speyer Cathedral, Interior German Romanesque architecture, centered in the Rhineland, was equally conservative, although its conservatism reflects the persistence of Carolingian-Otto-nian rather than earlier traditions. It is, by virtue of its proportions, the largest, and, by virtue of the history to which it is linked, the most important.

Explore Art History Archive(Y.C.)'s photos on Flickr. Speyer Cathedral, from the east. During the Napoleonic Wars, the cathedral was used as a stable and after the wars in 1813, Speyer was filled with wounded soldiers and the cathedral was needed as an army hospital. The Speyer Cathedral, "St. Maria and St. Stephen" is the mother church of the Diocese of Speyer and the parish church of the cathedral vicarage.

The Cathedral was the burial place of the German emperors for almost 300 years. Speyer Cathedral is the first known structure to be built with a gallery that encircles the whole building. Located in the Upper Rhine between Brasilea and Mainz, Speyer Cathedral is considered the largest Romanesque church in the West for its grandeur, due to the total space. Its benefactors were the Salian emperors who had it built in the 11th century as a sign of their responsibility for all of Christianity; it was the l argest church in the then known western world. Begun 1030 416. Speyer Cathedral, from the east. Speyer Cathedral was founded by Konrad II in 1030, probably soon after his imperial coronation. The Cathedral was the burial place of the German emperors for almost 300 years. Speyer (German pronunciation: [ˈʃpaɪ̯ɐ], older spelling Speier, known as Spire in French and formerly as Spires in English) is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. a world history of art.

Although larger churches have been built in Germany since Speyer Cathedral was first constructed, it is still a grand and impressive building. History of Art 201, Final Exam Review - Art And Art History History Of Art 201 with Boram-hays, C. at The Ohio State University - StudyBlue

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