5 Exercises For Strengthening Your Horse’s Hind End. Have your vet or body worker examine your horse before starting an exercise program if you suspect they are in pain. Start at a low enough level that he will be successful. The more supple and flexible the horse is, the easier it will be for him to build correct muscles. Un-fortunately, your letter does not provide enough information about the specifics of your case for me to suggest a detailed exercise … 24 February 2019 #1. Hi,Just some early morning study with breakfast.

You can work your horse over poles from the ground (lunging or long lining) or under saddle. Find out how dynamic mobilization, core strengthening, and balancing exercises can help stabilize the horse's spine and the fore- and hind limbs' attachment to the body.
Across the middle should be a distance which is easy for your horse to canter over in his normal rhythm. C. chaps89 Well-Known Member. For going over poles I tend to use the Internet so can't recommend a specific book. Such exercises can be carried out with a horse in a more stretched outline or with him more collected up; it entirely depends on what the trainer is wishing to teach or achieve. … Thanks so much for producing such a great product.

This simple exercise encourages your horse to use his neck to stretch down and look where the poles are and where he's putting his feet. Work on a circle, cantering over the middle of the poles as you reach that part of the circle. Ride your corners

Every horse is unique, so as you work through these exercises with your horse you’ll want to adjust them to meet his needs. For even more expression, raise them on to bricks at alternate ends. Have a go at this exercise, as suggested by dressage rider Samantha Brown. This Manual will benefit anyone wishing to improve their overall performance jumping fences and will help develop the full potential of both a horse and rider. Trotting poles are a great way to add interest and increase energy. Fizz continues to ride and work with horses from the ground and has a particular interest in the rehabilitation, re-education and training of sport horses. 24 February 2019 #2. Both manuals provide specific distances for horses, 148cm, 138cm and 128cm ponies. The goal, of course, is to work the horse hard enough to gain these benefits but not so much that the inflammation in his joints increases and makes the situation worse. Exercise 1: Scattered poles. I have always loved using poles but this has just expanded my option ten fold. Can anyone recommend a good book with photos/diagrams of exercises for polework please, suitable for horse/rider starting out with poles Thankyou . Thread starter chaps89; Start date 24 February 2019; 24 February 2019 #1. If your horse is being lazy, click loudly with your voice and immediately ask him forward with the leg. The book, forwarded by Olympic Gold Medallists David O’Connor, Joe Fargis and Bill Steinkraus, is designed for riders and instructors with exercises from the most basic through to tackling specific trouble spots encountered in training or correct particular shortcomings in a horse’s jumping technique. Gridwork exercises will teach a horse to be: However struggling to find the equivalent for horses! Pole exercises are easy to set up and there are many variations you can use to benefit yourself and your horse.

This way, the young horse is easy to handle without harming/disturbing the mouth. The only ones I've found tend to be very practical based, just instructions as to how to lay out poles etc. Of course, this means that the distance on the outside of the poles is much bigger and the inside much smaller. Groundwork is done using a cavesson and a longe line. 3. Equine Tuition are good and Pinterest has great ones if you're prepared to use a bit of common sense with spacing! Shorten and lengthen his stride depending on which line he takes over the poles. The Manual is easy to follow and is filled with exercises, information, explanations and tips.

Preview Contents and Sample Pages for Book 1. If he’s had an injury, you may need to be alert for signs of pain and stress as you increase the difficulty or intensity of some of these exercises.
AS with ground training, the horse can be worked over raised poles when he is ready to cope with the additional physical and mental effort such exercise exerts. Horses that stumble, trip or seem clumsy may be weak and/or sore. Ask the horse to work his way through the poles in balance, ensuring he is active.

This prepares our horse for longeing, work in hand and riding. I'd really like to find one that details the exercises and also what it is doing, what it targets (muscles etc). October 3, 2017 Amy Moore. The line is attached to the middle ring of the cavesson. As you ride through the poles, let your horse work it out. Your Horse Live; Book tickets; What's on; Shopping; Polework to supple your horse . I have a little diary I use when I'm feeling productive of pole exercises and their objectives, will upload a pic when I get a chance. Limited core strength in your horse can make him reluctant to bend his body, but exercises that use his rib cage and open the muscles in his sides.

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