To adjust the virtual memory size on Windows 10, use these steps: Warning: Although anyone can change the paging file size, it's only recommended to … To do that manually, first uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option.Next up, select the disk drive for which you want to set a custom paging file size. Myth: Disabling the Page File Improves Performance. Select No Paging File if you don’t want a particular drive to have one at all.

p> Say, you have 16 GB RAM on a server, 1.5 times the RAM 16 GB = 24 GB; you need to set 24 GB Page file on the Server. Any virtual memory page (32-bit address) can be associated with any physical RAM page (36-bit address).

I have mine set at 1GB with 12GB of RAM.

A paging file is an area on the hard disk that Windows uses as RAM when you run out of the available RAM. Then, there are three options for you to choose from: Custom size – allows … After reducing the size of the page file to the recommended size my notebook works so smoothly that it's almost unbelieveable why windows does not use the recommended size but a much larger file and thus slows the entire system down.

I have 16GB of ram and because of that my pagefile is also 16GB in size. On a system with 16GB RAM, I'd set either a 12 or 16GB file.
The default automatic behavior is to have a minimum size 1.5 times the amount of actual RAM. How to Manage Virtual Memory Pagefile in Windows 10 Paging is a memory management scheme by which a PC stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory. You don't need a 16GB pagefile. This way the swap file is either matching the RAM (8GB) or bigger if there's more things open and likely to actually need to use the swap file (12GB).

The more RAM installed = smaller page file needed. Or 1 GB to cover automatic memory dump which is enabled at me. Windows 10 memory management works best with page files being automatic (ie let Windows decide). Some people will tell you that you should disable the page file to speed up your computer. Windows uses this space to put data it needs, but doesnt need as fast as whats in ram.

Personally, I have my page file configured to 2GB on a system with 16GB RAM without any issues. System managed will do a rather large page file despite having a lot of RAM (rather ass backwards now).

When I was on 16GB I could see as much as 24-30GB page file usage under memory loads.

16GB is the least amount of RAM that I've had in a very long time. Step 3: The final step people.The Virtual Memory configuration box lets you tweak everything regarding the paging file size.As mentioned before, Windows automatically manages the paging file size by default. Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” option if you want to configure the page file by yourself. The thinking goes like this: the page file is slower than RAM, and if you have enough RAM, Windows will use the page file when it should be using RAM, slowing down your computer.

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