He founded a monastery at Soham, in the fens near Ely, where he was to be buried, though his remains were later transferred to the great Abbey of Ramsey, near Peterborough.
In the year 869 the Danes, who had been wintering at York, marched through Mercia into East Anglia and took up their quarters at Thetford. St. Felix was sent to spread the Gospel there.

[3] In 918 the East Anglian Danes accepted the overlordship of Edward the Elder of Wessex .

Presumably these are places of significance to the Cobbold family … In 630 the kingdom of East Anglia received a Christian king, Sigebert (who had become a Christian while exiled in Germany). The church patrons St Peter and St Paul and King Sigebert of East Anglia complete the set.

King and martyr, date of birth unknown; d. about 637 Download Share Catholic Answers is pleased to provide this unabridged entry from the original Catholic Encyclopedia, published between 1907 and 1912. His mission lasted for 17 fruitful years. Anna was a mid-7th century King of East Anglia.He was the nephew of Raedwald of East Anglia, and probably the second of the sons of Eni, Raedwald's brother, to hold the kingdom, ruling ("c".

636–653/654).. Family. Anna is always referred to by this name, though it may be an abbreviated or familiar form of a diathematic name. In 869 a Danish army defeated and killed the last native East Anglian king, Edmund the Martyr. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: December 6, 2014
The kingdom then fell into the hands of the Danes and eventually formed part of the Danelaw .

Felix stayed there but a few months, before the primate sent him to evangelise the people of King Sigebert of East Anglia. PW: King Ecgric of East Anglia King Ecgric is a little known king of East Anglia from the late 640s to about 652.

Siegeberht, King of East Anglia: Birthdate: estimated between 565 and 613: Birthplace: East Anglia, England: Death: 634 Immediate Family: Son of Rædwald, king of East Anglia and Pagan Queen, Queen Brother of Rægenhere; Cynewise; Ragnatrude of East Anglia and Eorpwald. King Sigebert allowed him to establish his see at Dommoc, or Dummoc-ceastre, generally accepted as Dunwich, a seaport on the coast of Suffolk (though some say it was Felixstowe).

Of his life little is known. Æthelwold, also known as Æthelwald or Æþelwald (Old English: Æþelwald "noble ruler"; reigned c. 654–664), was a 7th-century king of East Anglia, the long-lived Anglo-Saxon kingdom which today includes the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.He was a member of the Wuffingas dynasty, which ruled East Anglia from their regio (centre of royal authority) at Rendlesham.

Edmund engaged them fiercely in battle, but the Danes under their leaders Ubba and Inguar were victorious and remained in … More surreally, St Luke is paired with Kings College, Cambridge, and Anna with Hadleigh Deanery and church. Below Felix is Norwich Cathedral, and under Edmund is Bury Abbey, neither place ever visited by them - or, at least, not while alive. Bede tells us that Ecgric was a kinsman of …

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