So…you’ll learn pretty fast after a quick Google search that the lines are very blurred and there’s a lot of gray area between flatbread and pizza dough.

This Flatbread Recipe makes an easy and delicious flatbread with only 3 ingredients! Simply combine the flour and yogurt in a large mixing bowl. Making this dough couldn’t be easier. Knead the mixture with your hands until a dough ball forms. Its soft, quick and easy to make. You can customize it in many different ways with herbs, cheese and even stuff it with potatoes or other savories.
HOWEVER, some pizza dough doesn’t have yeast and some flatbread dough does. That means in no time, with no yeast, no eggs, and no difficult techniques, you …
If the dough feels too sticky, add an extra pinch of flour. The yeast. Perfect for wraps or to eat with just about anything. Easy Soft Flatbread Recipe (No-Yeast, No-Kneading) This easy flatbread is made without yeast and does not need any kneading. Pizza dough typically has yeast (and needs time to rise) while flatbread dough typically doesn’t. Preparing this Versatile No-Yeast Flatbread Recipe.

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