Smart revenue organizations are focused on more than just winning new business. Derek Grant joined our ranks last May as SalesLoft’s VP of Sales and is a proving to be a power player in the Atlanta SaaS startup scene. “What has really moved is the account based marketing …

And how you consume content will highly impact your success as a sales leader. I owe much of my success to Derek Grant. As his colleagues put it, he never loses sight of filling the pipeline and hitting their numbers. But what about the hard questions about Need and Value to the customer? Watch Enterprise Sales Forum's Talking About Value w/ Derek Grant of SalesLoft on To retain and expand customer relationships takes a unified effort across marketing, sales, and customer experience teams. Derek and his team are an obvious exception. SalesLoft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations deliver a better sales experience for their customers. Join to Connect. As sales development reps, we are taught to qualify for Authority and for Money. Derek Grant SVP, Commercial Sales, SalesLoft. Fast forward 5 years later, I am now the Director of Sales at SalesLoft, the fastest growing company in Atlanta, managing a team of 10+ account executives, and teaching them how to sell. See what Derek Grant will be attending and learn more about the event taking place Nov 13 - 17, 2017 in Tallahassee, FL, United States. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This event will take place at TCC's Center for Innovation in Kleman Plaza. What’s really important is to get everyone under the same tent — everyone needs to align on goals and be accountable to those goals. Derek Grant: SalesLoft is a technology company here in Atlanta that overlays and it helps you codify your go to market strategy. Great people are the backbone of a healthy organization. Derek Grant: SalesLoft is a technology company here in Atlanta that overlays and it helps you codify your go to market strategy. Customer First.

But even the strongest products will fail. ... — Derek Grant (@derekgrant) March 6, 2018. SalesLoft is the easiest way to turn a prospect account into a customer account, by leveraging an integrated cadence of phone, email and social touches to be pleasantly persistent with your prospects and allowing you to crush your number. Communicating Vision From Leadership to the Front Lines This is part 1 of a 2-part series on culture by Derek Grant, SVP of Commercial Sales at SalesLoft (read part 2 here ). Derek Grant, SVP of Commercial Sales at SalesLoft, joins our rapid chat series to talk about the importance of marketing and sales alignment, how to march toward the same revenue goals, and how to build a modern sales organization. Derek goes above and beyond for his sales team and for SalesLoft as an organization. Derek leads SalesLoft’s commercial sales organization, which has delivered “hockey stick” growth by helping over 1,500 companies source more qualified meetings and pipeline. It specializes in providing sales dialer, sales email, cadences, meeting intelligence, sales analytics, and salesforce integration. Best Sales Leader: Derek Grant, SalesLoft The honor of Best Sales Leader was awarded to Derek Grant, VP of commercial sales at SalesLoft. Attend and learn how to ensure alignment across your revenue organization. 23 minutes into an interview with Derek Grant on how they do their call coaching at SalesLoft, and I already had several pages of notes. SalesLoft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations deliver a better sales experience for their customers. Katie Cox Branham. SalesLoft is there to help you define your play and help reps to drive forward to the thing that’s going to … Derek Grant Revolutionizing how sellers engage with their buyers. We're really excited to have Tallahassee native Derek Grant take us through his journey from regional sales manager for local enterprise technology firm DataMaxx, to becoming the VP of Sales at, which was just named the 7th Fastest Growing Company in America. Derek Grant/SalesLoft. According to Derek Grant, VP of Commercial Sales at Atlanta’s SalesLoft, the fundamental change has been the in-depth involvement of marketing teams in account based selling.

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