Jane enters the library and finds the gypsy woman seated snugly in an easy chair.

The motif of the performance, as it relates to the shallowness and falsity of both characters and ideas, can be best seen the game of charades and subsequent encounters with the fortune-teller in chapters eighteen and nineteen of Jane Eyre ’s volume two. Despite Jane's protests to the contrary, the gypsy woman tells Jane she is cold, sick, and silly. Jane Eyre Allusion - Bridewell "Amidst this sordid scene, sat a man with his clenched hands resting on his knees, and his eyes bent on the ground. Response to Jane Eyre Volume 2 – Chelsea Radigan Charades and Fortune-Telling Gypsy Chapters 18 and 19. She sits in front of the fire, reading something that looks like a Prayer Book. Jane isn't frightened, just interested and excited.

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