Mark Madoff committed suicide in 2010, and Andrew Madoff succumbed to cancer last year. Early one morning in 2008, the FBI showed up to arrest Bernie Madoff. Bernie Madoff, American hedge-fund investment manager and former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market.

Frank DiPascali, Jr. (October 28, 1956 – May 7, 2015) was a key lieutenant of Bernard Madoff for three decades. After her husband's arrest for his fraud, she and her husband attempted suicide in 2008. Bernie Madoff is currently serving a 150-year sentence for committing fraud in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, according to CNN. This picture hung in Bernie's office, on the 19th floor. Sons called in FBI to arrest Bernie Madoff. In the new e-mails, Madoff takes pains to defend his two sons, both of whom have died. Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme didn't only affect investors. He was best known for operating history’s largest Ponzi scheme.

Learn more about his life and crimes. Even as he lied to them, Bernie was physically affectionate with his sons, who sat near his desk on the 19th floor of Madoff Securities. Ruth Madoff is the wife of Bernie Madoff, the convicted American financial fraudster who is serving a prison sentence for a criminal financial scheme. Until the end he claimed no knowledge of his father's mind-boggling thievery. Bernie Madoff's son Andrew died with a $16 million estate he's sharing with his wife and his girlfriend, court papers show. The question from everyone connected to Bernie Madoff’s sons is: How could they not have known their father was perpetrating a $65 billion fraud? Stephanie Madoff Mack was the widow of Bernie's son. The estates of Bernard Madoff’s dead sons have reached an agreement with the U.S. government to hand over a combined $23 million to victims of … In 2009 he pled guilty to various charges and was sentenced to 150 years in prison. The stunning twist in the Madoff saga came two years to the day after Bernie Madoff was arrested for running a pyramid scheme that bilked some $65 billion from gullible investors all over the world. He is currently serving a 150-year prison sentence. His arrest destroyed his family and caused his own son to commit suicide, citing his father's actions as too shameful to live with. Bernie, Mark, and Andrew Madoff in the trading room of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Bernard Madoff, né Bernard Lawrence Madoff le 29 avril 1938 à New York [1], est un homme d'affaires américain, président-fondateur d’une des principales sociétés d’investissements de Wall Street : Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC [2].. Bernie Madoff's son Andrew, 48, died in a New York hospital on Wednesday after battling lymphoma. The sons said Madoff had confessed the fraud to them a day earlier.

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