Zen, Darren and Dan take the GT4 Sepang 12 Hour win for Aylezo Ecotint Racing!

Unfortunate incident robs Aylezo Ecotint Racing’s hopes of a podium finish
December 5, 2016
Aylezo Ecotint Racing Ginetta GT4 G55
Aylezo Ecotint Racing @ Sepang 12 Hours 2016
December 12, 2016

Zen, Darren and Dan take the GT4 Sepang 12 Hour win for Aylezo Ecotint Racing!

After Japan and Spain, time is a luxury that team Aylezo Ecotint Racing could not indulge in for the time being as all their resources was channelled to tackle their next challenge, the gruelling Sepang 12 Hours endurance race. The strain towards the team was a great one as not only they had to work hard for the second consecutive week, they would also have to work around a completely new race machine in the form of the Ginetta G55 GT4. But as the clock struck 12am on Sunday, 11th December, all the hard work and sweat poured in was definitely worth it as team Aylezo Ecotint Racing crossed the finishing line as the victors of the Sepang 12 Hours in the GT4 category.

The challenge for the team however did not start in the race nor qualifying as the issues with the customs had delayed the delivery of the car to the circuit, causing the team to lose precious time from the first practice session. Luckily for the team, the Ginetta G55 GT4 was an out-of-the-box race car and it did not take long for the crew to have it running.

For this year’s edition of the Sepang 12 Hours, team owner Zen Low will be sharing the wheel with Darren Burke and Dan Wells. It was certainly looking good for team Aylezo Ecotint Racing as Dan clocked a phenomenal 2:15.562 during qualifying to put the team on pole position in the GT4 category to start the race.

It was a great challenge for Darren to start the race in the middle of the day, especially when he has a three-hour stint ahead of him. Since the team has decided to run the whole stint on the same set of tires, Darren gave a great start and tried his best to drive within his limits but at the same time giving out a good battle with the other Ginetta G55. Even with all the challenges, Darren managed to pass the car to Zen in first position.

But on the third hour of the race, things started to get tricky as light drizzle started to pour onto the circuit. A little rain was not going to affect Zen’s stint but as he turned on the wiper, the wiper did not work and smoke started to fill in the cockpit instead. Not taking any risks, he dived into the pits and the crew found out that there was a short circuit. Luckily for the team it was not a big matter as they quickly replaced the bracket and the car was good to go. But it was on Zen’s third stint that the real challenge began for him.

The wiper was working perfectly in the first three or four laps of racing, which was also the last time it did. After that, the wiper just died and Zen struggled to navigate through the circuit, especially from the spray from the cars ahead and the windscreen fogging up from the inside. Luck was definitely on Zen’s side for this race as he went off and almost ended up in the gravel traps countless times during the third stint which could cost the team precious time. But he managed to keep the G55 GT4 under control and although he was forced to manually wipe the fogging windscreen with his gloves, he managed to hand over the car safely to Dan for the final stint.

Dan’s time in the car was everything but easy as he still needed to brave through the rain and the wiperless car. Experiencing a couple of tense moments on the circuit, he kept the car together and finally, after 12 gruelling hours of racing, he brought home the Aylezo Ecotint Racing’s Ginetta G55 GT4 race car across the finishing line to claim the victory for the GT4 category.

It was undoubtedly a sweet moment for the team, but it was an even sweeter moment for Zen as he had finally won the race after trying for so long.

“It took me many, many years. I started racing in the Sepang 12 Hours race since 2007 and after ten years, finally I won. Too many times we had the opportunity to win it, but that many times as well that we had no luck,” said Zen.

“Comparing to the previous years, the issues we faced this year were very small matters. It was a good result, everyone did a very good job, especially Dan and Darren,” he added.