Aylezo Competizione announces new partnership with Praga Asia

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April 14, 2017
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April 27, 2017

Aylezo Competizione announces new partnership with Praga Asia

A prominent figure in the Malaysian motorsports scene, Aylezo Competizione recently announced a partnership deal with kart specialist, Praga Asia with the aim of presenting a more realistic alternative in reaching the peak of the motorsports career.

A lot of racers put Formula 1 as the pinnacle of motorsports, but many overlooked that such route requires a colossal amount of funds to reach such target. Aylezo Competizione on the other hand have always wanted to give new talents the opportunity to progress in a different route of motorsports with a goal just as prestigious as Formula 1, but are lacking the infrastructure and expertise in starting them from the entry level.

Armed with the proper expertise and infrastructure in karting, Praga Asia fit nicely into the picture to provide the final pieces of the puzzle for this package. Through this synergetic partnership, Aylezo Competizione and Praga Asia are able to put their strength together and provide a realistic motorsports career path which is rarely found in this part of the world.

“The whole idea is aimed to create a right direction for hopefuls to go racing in a proper career path. A lot of drivers put their aim in reaching Formula 1, unaware that it is not a path that many can undertake where the odds are just against them. With this partnership, we would like to tell them that there are other targets than just Formula 1 such as GT racing where you could then have a shot in racing LMP cars in the future”, said Zen Low, founder of Aylezo Competizione.

“The goal is to one day reach Le Mans through an Asian Le Man ticket. Such a complete setup rarely exists in this part of the world. We hope that it will attract new drivers as well as new partners to the sport. Other motorsport career routes are still possible. However, we feel that the Karting-GT-LMP route is the most accessible compared to other options”, said James Veerapen, the Team Captain for Praga Asia.

“I’d like to thank Aylezo Competizione for their valiant effort to make such fantasies into a reality. I believe Praga Asia will be able to bring fresh new talent into motorsports in this region of the world”, he added.

At the same time, they would also like to welcome the youngest driver into the program. Aldrin Foo Cabiles might only be turning seven soon, but this pint-sized boy has boundless talent and a strong passion for the sport. Aylezo would like to extend this platform to TOC students who are passionate about having a career in motorsports, especially since Aylezo and TOC already has a special bond created via the TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy.

Founded by Zen Low back in 2009, Aylezo Competizione has over 30 years of combined international race experiences. The team is born out of passion for motorsports and has taken part in many prestigious races in the region like the GT Asia, Asian Le Mans Series and Bathurst 12 Hour. The team is currently racing in the 2017 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific.

Praga on the other hand is one of the top karting brands in the industry, offering the highest standards of quality and excellence. Driven by the “winning instinct”, Praga has enjoyed great success in the United States and Europe, and is now spreading their wings in Asia through Praga Asia.