Aldrin Foo Cabiles, the young karting Champion in the making

Aldrin Foo Cabiles, the young karting Champion in the making

IMG-20160414-WA004A young boy skips into the compound towards the go-kart track carrying a large box and he has a huge smile on his face. The box, which looks just as big as the boy, contains a brand new helmet which is a perfect fit for him. The innocence shows through his cherubic features but don’t even for a second let the adorable pint-sized 6 year-old fool you into thinking you can easily challenge him on the karting track because he won’t take it easy on you!

Aldrin Foo Cabiles is the youngest karter under Aylezo’s new Young Driver/Karter Training program and the formidable boy from Petaling Jaya has boundless talent coupled with a strong passion for the sport.

Aldrin, who will turn six this April, has only been training with Aylezo for the past month and already he can compete with race regulars, sometimes beating them, and all that before bedtime. Standing at only 45 inches tall, it is easy enough to say that he was born to race and can be seen at Aylezo 3Stone Park kart track almost daily.

For now, the parents are preparing to guide him through a career in motorsport, something he has been passionate about since he was old enough to hold a toy car. They have immersed him, at his request, in the training program set by Aylezo’s own race drivers and driver coaches, Zen Low and Cheah Lai Sun, guiding him through the rituals of racing including proper driving styles, exercise routines and even proper nutrition and food intake.

“Once they start young, it’s much easier for them to absorb information. For Aldrin, he is wholly fueled by passion for the sport and I have yet to meet anyone else like him. For now, sees a future in racing and having parents who are supportive of his goal is wonderful” said Zen after one of his coaching session.

At the moment, Aldrin is just concentrating on his karting career and school, which he will be starting in less than a year.

To find out more about Aylezo’s Young Driver Training and to set your child in the path of racing, contact us at +601 11-11 21269 for more information.

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